Lockdown Blues to Final Freedom……

Lockdown Blues to Final Freedom……

The lockdowns affected people in so many ways. For me, I really enjoy my Saturday afternoons. It’s my couple of hours after a busy week where I can sit pitch side, and grab some decent photographs, be it rain or shine. The wife and daughter do their thing leaving me to unwind.

During my days of playing rugby, I can’t imagine not playing on a Saturday afternoon, so for the players at Catholic United, it must have been hell on earth. Needless to say, that avenue to de-stress and relax was lost to me and I have to admit I felt completely trapped. Being lucky enough to work from home, suddenly became a weight around my neck. It was lovely not having to travel to work and the monetary savings were certainly a good bonus, but the same four walls greeted me each morning and talking to a cat didn’t make up for general office conversation!

Suffice to say, when the lockdowns were lifted, and the UK began waking up to some form of normality, the football was back on, as much as it could be with the virus still hanging around. Being a photographer, I can work as far away from players and supporters as I like, and needed to in those early days post-lockdown. With supporters being unable to attend matches for a period of time, I saw it as a sort of duty that I could provide some match action in my photographs.

I had my Saturday afternoons back and more so a Saturday evening watching Match of the Day downloading and editing/cropping my photographs. My mind felt free and had a purpose again outside of the day-to-day grind of my weekdays.

Before Covid hit, I was travelling to various games in Essex and London and I’m just starting to build that back up with my first trip to outside of my beloved Catholic United, when I travel to Burnham Ramblers in the Essex Senior League. Its been a few years since I’ve been back to Ramblers, the last time was probably over a decade ago when I was media manager for Great Wakering Rovers.

The fingers are crossed for some pleasant weather but the waterproofs etc will be packed for sure. Really looking forward to it. A fast 70-200 f/2.8 lens in the back so that should do the job along with the trusty Nikon D7200 which has never let me down.

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